Memorial Service Ideas

memorial service ideas

memorial service ideasTo make the ceremony unique and unforgettable, it will help to have some fresh memorial service ideas.

Planning a funeral is quite a hard task, as there are so many things to do. But still, one should find time to give the ceremony some theme and style, because it is the last thing to be done for a person you loved and lost.

Flower expositions

One of the main things organizing a funeral is choosing the flowers. Not only the color and size matter here, some Flower Shops offer statues made of flowers, like bicycles, cars, planes, animals, just whatever you want to have at the ceremony. Such an exhibition will give a theme to the service and will empathize some peculiarities and will give a picture of the deceased’s life.

Raising money

A nice option for a funeral is raising money for something or someone who needs it. The funds raised can be donated to some charity organization who will find the best idea for contribution. The place where the money go can be connected with interests or passion of the deceased.

Display the photo of the deceased

It can be a big size photo, or a collage of pictures. It can be a processed photo or a picture showing best the personality of the one passed away. Thus, you can turn the
ceremony into an art gallery exhibition which will be of great interest to have a look at.

Exhibit the things the deceased loved

The idea of personal staff exhibition is just brilliant. It might be a wall decorated with the things the deceased loved, or simply a table near the entrance. A collection of baseball cards, a favorite book, or simply a watch they used to wear – all that can be displayed to the public. And once again will remind them of what a person used to be their friend or a family member.

A slideshow of poems, quotes and sayings

That is a one more great idea for a funeral service. Simply choose some favorite quotes of the deceased, his loved poems and songs. That could be Bible verses or even jokes. The main thing is to once again remind the public of what kind of person they’ve lost, of the way he or she lived and how they saw the life. Such a memorial service idea can be very inspiring and healing for those in grief.

Release dove, butterflies or balloons

Such a release is a great idea for ending a funeral. It gives the visitors the sense of a relief and helps them to let go. This gives hope and adds beauty to the service.

Releasing a dove, butterflies or a balloon you emphasize that life doesn’t end here, that it’s beautiful anyway and we shouldn’t mourn long, but simply – continue living and be happy no matter what.

For that part of the ceremony you might choose a proper song or a poem which in tandem with releasing will add to the atmosphere some charm and harmony.
There are unlimited ways to make memorial service unique and worthy. The main thing is to think of the things and rituals which the deceased would appreciate.

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