Five Easy Steps to Organize Your Own House Party


Organize Your Own House PartyThis article gives key ingredients to throwing the party everyone will be talking about.

The right mix of people

Consider how many people you can comfortably fit in. Mosh pit proportions mean bigger clean up!

Select your invitees. Keep the ratio of girls to guys at least 1 to 5.

A general rule is making sure guests have something in common. Singles will be misplaced in a mostly-couples affair, just like a college buddy will be lost in a high school reunion.For me it was all of my co-workers from this (click here) website.

Introduce a conversation starter, then move on to work the rest of the room. That way no one is left alone, freeing you up for other hosting duties.

When preparing Long Island Iced Tea, the ingredients have to be varied-and potent. Inviting too much of the same crowd could make for a bland cocktail. Instead, add certain spices that others normally wouldn’t touch, like Tabasco for instance. In party people terms, invite interesting peeps-artists, musicians, campus heartthrobs, eccentrics, even some nerds and geeks. As long as the vibe is right and you’re up to your role of being the perfect host, then everything should go just fine.

The right mix of music

The invention of iPod has significantly elevated music standards at house parties. Hook it up to a set of speakers for instant background music.

Recommended selections include R&B, trihop, house, alternative and electronic, as these make satisfactory ambient music.

300 to 400 songs will last the duration of the evening.

Prepare songs that are memorable to you and your guests. Look for songs that refer to past experiences you’ve shared. The right music always sets the mood for a great party.
Outside the box

Whether it be an intimate dinner with friends or an all-out birthday bash, each occasion is an opportunity to get creative. Here are ideas to keep the evening from becoming a typical affair:

  • Host a poker night and celebrate this year’s most popular card game.
  • Set a theme for big parties and expect great photos.
  • Put together a whodunit/murder mystery contest carrying on through the evening with
  • guests role-playing game characters.
  • Or do as the kids in The O.C. do and organize an event with a charity as beneficiary. (Poker for street children, anyone?
  • Lastly, there are the standard parlor games, like charades, which are seemingly juvenile but surprisingly popular.

Bar and chow

The main advantage to having a party at home is the value for money you get on food and drinks. A trip to the grocery will reveal the incredible price mark-up establishments place on their menu.

As liquor and spirits tend to be pricey nevertheless, it is advisable to make your invite an after-dinner affair (around 9 p.m onwards). That way, cash that would otherwise go to two or three potajes reverts to an open bar.

  • Food served will be limited to economical appetizers. (Yes, chips count!)
  • If the crowd is size-able, you can opt for draft beer.
  • Whip out your blender and experiment with cocktails. Even non-drinkers can sample the virginal mocktail versions.

A Word to the Wise

Keep your parents informed and on the watch. Even when you’re among trusted friends, for as long as you’re in a crowd, thefts of mobile phones and purses are not uncommon.

Keep your own personal alcohol levels to a sober minimum to ascertain that none of your guests will be drinking and driving.

Noise levels must also be maintained lest they amount to public nuisance, which considered illegal.

Provide for parking accommodations. Do not give your neighbors a reason to crash your party with complaints.

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