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wedding games

wedding gamesWedding Games for All Your Guests

Your wedding is a joyful and cheerful event, and you need to prepare for it well in advance.

One of the things that you need to have ready for is the entertainment for the guests, or the so-called wedding games, without which your celebration risks turning into a boredom feast.

There are lots of ideas for those who are looking for a way to entertain guests at a wedding.

It is important to know who will come to your wedding, what character and temperament your guests have, what they like and what they are capable of.

Karaoke with Accent

One of the most excellent ideas for a fun pastime at the wedding is karaoke. Everyone likes to sing, but many people hesitate to admit it.

A relaxed atmosphere at the wedding and a couple of glasses of champagne will help to discover your talent for singing.

In order to make singing karaoke even more interesting, before the “performance” offer your guests to pick out a piece of paper on which the accent will be written (Spanish, Russian, Indian, French or British), using which they should perform a song, pretending they are foreigners.

Such a fun game will certainly cause a storm of enthusiasm among your guests, we promise, there will be a lot of laughter and your guests will remember their experience with a smile.

Oversized Board Games

Another great idea that will help you entertain the guests is board games. Now there are a lot of agencies that will give for rent such props as oversized board games. A game like this will be a hit at any wedding.

In some cases, you can always come up with a variant with huge diagram for Tic-tac-toe on a large piece of paper and a marker.

By the way, having a blackboard and markers, you can always ask the guests to portray a friendly cartoon to the newlyweds.

Also, a great idea is a huge puzzle. Such a wedding game with a puzzle picture can be an excellent surprise for the groom and the bride.

Hide the Bride

Bored guests can be entertained with the help of the game “The Bride is Missing!”. At some point, the bride will need to hide from sight, then, one of the guests will attract attention and tell everyone that the bride has disappeared.

In order to find her, the groom will have to undergo a series of tests, run a quest, or do some tasks and answer tricky questions.

Tasks can be performed by the guests, for example, to find a bride, one of the guests will need to perform a song, dance a striptease, or kiss the one sitting next to him at the table.

I’ve seen this before when my magazine covered this OC event venue at ENVY lounge.

Prepare a Quiz

That is certainly the hit of all weddings, especially for lazy and tired guests – a quiz. Questions should be prepared in advance.

They can relate to newlyweds, events from their past or significant dates.

These can be questions about anything really, favorite food, hobbies and musical preferences.

Rhymed Toasts

One of the great ideas for wedding entertainment is to make up either a toast or congratulations to the newlyweds by the group of guests sitting together at the table.

All that is needed is prepared beforehand cards with rhymes, for example: year / beer, day / say, bride / light.

This wedding game will allow guests to show their creativity and help to spend time fun.


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